Friday, January 17, 2014

Egg Tart (Hei Mama version)

My daughter asked me to make my own egg tart since a long time ago, but I worried I couldn't make it perfectly just as store bought. After I tasted my lil sister's egg tart it a few weeks ago when I went to my mom's house, suddenly I wanted to make it for her.

I browse many egg tart recipe, and then I choose Hei mama egg tart. Before I made, I read many clue
how to make it just perfect, and followed step by step. I realized that nothing is difficult as long as I follow the direction carefully. Actually being lazy is my biggest enemy, and it happened when I made the second batch, I didn't keep my eye in the last five minutes after I pulled my oven door and continue bake. The custard puffed too high, and it was late when I came back. The result for which puffed to high, it collapsed, and made it not flat as it supposed to be.

Filling/egg custard:
120g sugar
350g water
5 eggs, lightly beaten
100g evaporated milk

300g plain flour
2 tbsp custard powder
2 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp icing sugar
1 egg
200g butter

to make filling
1. Heat up water and sugar until sugar dissolves. Leave it to cool.
2. Then add in beaten eggs and evaporated milk. Mix well, sieve the egg mixture and set aside (I did it 3 times to make sure no more foam or lump of white egg left)

How to make the pie crust:

1. Cut cold butter into small cubes. 

2. Combine flour, custard powder, icing sugar and milk powder and mix well. 

3. Put in the food processor, push the pulse about 8 times or  just until the dough start crumbly like a small pea. Make it a ball, wrap with cling wrap and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

4. Grease the tart tin with butter. Roll out the dough until about 0.5 cm thickness. Cut it with a round cookie cutter (just as the same size as your tart tin). Line the dough in the middle of the tin. Lightly press the dough with your thumbs, starting from the bottom then up to the side. While pressing to the dough, turn the tart tin to make an even tart shell. Trim away any excess dough
5. Carefully pour the filling into the pie crust. Fill into the tarts till 90% full. Bake in preheated oven at 180 deg C for 20 mins. Put the tin on the lower rack to prevent the egg custard heat up too quickly

Notes : 
  • I found out that the pie crust haven't crisp yet when the filling is already cooked. I think later I will bake the pie crust for 10 minutes before I pour the filling.
  • Once you see the custard being puffed up a bit, pull the oven door open about 2 to 3 inches then continue to bake. Just insert a toothpick into the custard. If it stands on its own, it’s done.
  • Keep your eye on them in the last 5 minutes, Prevent the egg custard from being puffed up too high. The custard would collapse once they are cooled down otherwise


  1. unyam.. unyam... enyak ya mak... aku kemaren juga bikin pie susu ini... yang pertama gagal yang ke 2 berhaseeellll... cuman blm sempet diposting

  2. memang enak mak, doyanannya anak2 :) ribet cari ini utk sekolah anak bosen jg roti terus2an, bosen buatnya hahaha

  3. Duh kelihatan enaak...
    Saya pernah beli yg kecil2 ada toping ager transparan isi buah. Itu egg tart juga bukan, Mak Lina?

    1. kalo yang itu fruit pie mak Inna Riana. resep pie crust sama cm biasanya diisi vla dan buah

  4. wow,nice it so much.... ^^

  5. Pengen coba Mak. Kayaknya renyah banget

  6. wahhh aku juga pernah buat pie susu ini mak, tapi susunya aku campur moka pasta sedikit, enak banget lho, sayang tampilannya engga benget hehehehe