Monday, January 20, 2014

Beef Galantine (Rolade Daging)

This food remind me about my childhood. It served on special occasion such as wedding party, circumcision party (sunatan) or when elder have family meeting. I love this food very much, because I can't have it often :D, I felt very happy when my mom prepared it on our dining table. But I can't have it as I like because I have 9 family member at that time, as my cousins also lived with us. The best moment I never forgot, as I stood up beside the stove, watched my mom made the sauce. It smelt nice, and I promised my self later in my future I will make it by myself.

Lately, I have problem to make my daily menu, I do need creativity because my kids feel bored with our daily menu. I couldn't help it, since bad weather and almost Chinese New Year make  the price of fish and prawn hike too high.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Egg Tart (Hei Mama version)

My daughter asked me to make my own egg tart since a long time ago, but I worried I couldn't make it perfectly just as store bought. After I tasted my lil sister's egg tart it a few weeks ago when I went to my mom's house, suddenly I wanted to make it for her.

I browse many egg tart recipe, and then I choose Hei mama egg tart. Before I made, I read many clue

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moist Chocolate Banana Muffin

Kids back to school, no doubt, mommy need to prepare their break-time foodie. Since my dryer broke, I need to do my wash-dryer on laundry bar. It is a bit annoying, because I need to spend almost an hour outside to wait. Lucky me, that place is on office area, so I only can make it after office hours.