Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bluder with Pumpkin Paste Filling

Bluder is a very soft cotton bread. I heard it is one of bread which is famous bread in Dutch's colonialism era. It said is combination between bread and cake, by using many egg yolks make its texture spongy like a cake but has bread aroma from the yeast.

Honestly I never ate this kind of bread, and as Masak Bareng Yuk have an event to make Bluder, so I joined this event and made a try. I got an incident while made it, i didn't realize that I forgot to put 50 gr all purpose flour as on the recipe. I found the dough too wet. After the dough rest until it double, suddenly I saw all purpose flour on the table.  Lucky me, I didn't pour the milk all it once and I just pour it until I felt it enough to make a dough. So the dough still work well.

I copied the recipe from Sajian Sedap pinterest board
here is the recipe

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Strawberry Custard Bun

I saw soooo pretty bun in Table For 2, with strawberry as a topping. I wanted to make them too. So I made that buns, but sadly I couldn't make it pretty. The bun's texture is almost the same with doughnut, but it remained soft in the next day. I thought I will use this dough for my doughnut dough later. (Biasanya donat saya keras kayak batu hari kedua huhuhuhu)

For your information, this bun is easy but I needed so many effort, I made all from the scratch from the dough, custard, then strawberry sauce. But it was great, because I never saw any bakery sell this hahaha.