Thursday, November 22, 2012

Indonesian shepered pie aka Pastel Tutup

Pastel tutup is one of the many popular Indonesian dishes with Dutch overtone. Pastel tutup has a similar fillings with chicken pot pie , except it’s a lot simpler , less rich , since pot pie uses butter in fillings . The crust on top is not a pie crust like in chicken pot pie , instead pastel tutup has a mashed potatoes as its crust

For topping
5 medium potatoes
3 egg yolks,
3 tbsp milk powder,
2 tbsp of butter

Boil 5-6 medium baking potatoes about 35-40 minutes with skin on . Once it’s done peel off the skin , mash with potato masher , add salt pepper and sugar, egg yolks, milk powder, butter into the mashed potato . Set aside 

filling ingredients

200 g chicken cube
2 item braises egg
2 carrot, small dice cut
50 g pea
50 g ear mushroom, Soak in water boils until soft
50 g dry so'un / mihun
1 bar celery, smooth cut
6 item shallot, cut
2 garlic, contuses
2 tablespoon butter or fried oil
1 egg yolk to nub
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
water + corn starch for thicken

Cooking Steps

Heats oven with temperature 100° C.

Prepares its contents formerly, saute shallot and garlic with 2 tablespoon butter or oil until wilting. Adds chicken cube and carrot cook until done (you can add water in this phase). Add remain filling ingredients, and corn starch which already dissolved in water to thicken

Takes heat resistant dish, buttered. Put some of pure potatoes in dish base smooths down. Pours the filling contents. Adds sliced egg, then wrap the remain with pure potatoes again,
Sprays a few pure potatoes as decoration in part of dish side. cover with shaken egg yolk.
You can add grated cheese if you like

Bake until the colour become brown yellows during + 40 minutes

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